Create your own online Business Card

Never run out of Business cards again!

Create your own online business cards using our tools below:

1) Clinic or Hospital listing in

Creating this is free, and you can make changes anytime. 
To create and submit your listing, please Submit your entry here
Listing of your clinic or hospital contacts in Physician is free, and you can view or search for other users in the listing.
You can optionally purchase a physical Smart Doctor Card to share your listing with colleagues and patients.

2) vCard listing

This option is great for sharing and is focused for individuals. See Ketua Dobb's vCard as an example. 
You can design and create your own elegant online vCard using  this vCard generator tool
After you have created it, you download it as a Zip file which is now ready for hosting online. 
Please note that uploading your vCard for hosting in a website a manual process.
If you want to host your vCard in our site,  you have two options:

a) Free hosting  if you want a vCard with free hosting on,  we require that you generate the vCard yourself using the above tool, and we shall also include a sponsored message at the bottom of the vCard. This free service is only for registered members of DOBBS.
Please see this as an example of a sponsored vCard. If you do  purchase a Smart Doctor Card later, the sponsored message will be removed.

Once you have created the vCard and downloaded the Zip file, you can send it to Ketua Dobbs by Email or Whatsapp to request hosting (either Free as per tems in a) or b) below

b) Purchase  (one time cost, no annual fees) bundled with a Smart Doctor Card.  There is no sponsor message and we can also help you generate your vCard if the generator tool is too daunting. You can use a simpler form to submit your details with this option. 

WIth your vCard you can share your contacts using the share options within the vCard itself or share with the physical Smart Doctor Card and are part of DOBBS in an effort to enhance digital networking.
If you have any queries or feedback, please Email or Whatsapp Ketua Dobbs.