Smart Doctor Card

Never run out of Business cards again! Each Smart Doctor card is embedded with an NFC chip which allows you to share your vCard by tapping on a mobile phone equipped with NFC (e.g. iPhone 8 and higher, most modern mid/upper range Android phones). The card also has a QR code printed on it so others can also scan the code to access your vCard.

Each Smart Doctor Card is embedded with one link which is either the clinic or individual listing. If you want both then you have to get separate Smart Doctor Cards.

Here's the Smart Doctor Card in action:

Here's a video on the vCard for doctors

Each Smart Doctor Card entitles you to assistance in setting up a vCard for individual listing OR clinic/hospital listing.

There are no annual fees to host your listing but the individual listing only comes with purchase of a Smart Doctor Card linked to it. 
Listing of clinic/hospital contacts on is free if you DIY and the Smart Doctor Card is optional. If you purchase the Smart Doctor Card, we can help you set up the listing in if you just provide us with the information and material (eg send us a picture(s) of your existing Business card(s)). 

For a limited time, the Smart Doctor Card costs only RM 30 each, and comes with Pos Malaysia tracking via Flexiprepaid packing. 

To get your Smart Doctor Card today, just Reach out to us by Email or Whatsapp